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We’re TFM Advanced GPS - Blockchain IoT Industry Leader
A  Professional Global Tracking Expert


Total Fleet Management (TFM)

Total Fleet Management (TFM) is an GPS-Blockchain IoT industry leader in innovative and superior Global Positioning Systems (GPS) products and provide a professional global tracking solutions. With an extensive product range covering from simple GPS peripherals to the latest technology in vehicle and personal tracking solutions, TFM delivers unsurpassed high quality with modern latest products and premier after- sales service.

We, the TFM family, not only seek to build a brand, but also establish a philosophy of life along the process as well. We sincerely hope that by setting up the standard of top quality product & global tracking, we can help restore the true value of a commercial product, and by doing so create a better life to everyone.


Creating a latest modern blockchain and professional global leading IoT GPS advanced technology solutions to our customoers. Enable a organization to manage assests precisely, improving efficiency, performance  & utilizatio with enjoying excellent fleet management services.
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